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Denver's Guide to a Cooler, Greener Summer at Home

Rick Cavallaro

Being the grandchild of 4 immigrant Italian grandparents, Rick was born in Rochester, New York, and grew up in a close-knit family...

Being the grandchild of 4 immigrant Italian grandparents, Rick was born in Rochester, New York, and grew up in a close-knit family...

Jun 10 1 minutes read

When the majestic Rocky Mountains surrounding Denver start to look a bit blurry from the heat waves radiating off the pavement, you know it's time to strategize. Yes, Denver’s summers can surprise new residents with their intensity, thanks to our mile-high elevation. But fear not, maintaining a pleasantly cool abode while keeping your utility bills from skyrocketing is entirely possible with smart planning. Let's dive into the secrets of keeping your Denver metro area home efficient during those toasty months.

1. Sealing the Great Outdoors…Out

Before Denver's summer decides to turn your living room into a makeshift sauna, inspect your home for sneaky air leaks. Those gaps around windows, doors, and vents are practically invitations for hot air. Simple weather-stripping and caulking are your go-to solutions here, making a big impact with minimal investment.

2. Insulation Isn’t Just for Winter

While our infamous Colorado winters demand good insulation, it’s just as crucial for batting away summer heat. Check the insulation in your attic, walls, and especially those sun-facing sides. Denver's intense sun can turn certain parts of your home into a solar oven. Upgrading your insulation can be a game-changer for staying cool.

3. Appliance Upgrades Pay Off

In the Denver metro market, where eco-conscious living is not just appreciated but expected, upgrading to ENERGY STAR appliances is a wise choice. These appliances use less electricity, which in turn reduces both your carbon footprint and those summer energy bills.

4. Embrace the Breeze

Denver evenings can bring a delightful coolness. Take advantage of this natural ventilation. Opening windows for a cross breeze in the early morning or late evening can significantly reduce your reliance on air conditioning. Consider attic vents or window fans to maximize this effect.

5. Block the Sun, Not the View

Light-colored curtains or blinds can reflect the sun’s heat without sacrificing your view of Denver’s stunning landscapes. Blocking direct sunlight is particularly crucial during those late afternoon hours when the sun seems determined to remind everyone it’s still king.

6. Smart Thermostat Settings

With a programmable thermostat, managing your home's climate becomes effortless. By setting temperatures around 78°F when you’re home and higher when you’re not, you balance comfort with efficiency—no need for your AC to work overtime when the Rocky Mountain breezes can do the job.

7. HVAC Maintenance is Key

Given Denver’s varied climate, our HVAC systems pull double duty between heating and cooling. Ensure your system is up to the challenge by scheduling regular professional inspections and swapping out those air filters to keep everything running smoothly.

8. Windows to the World of Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows are a worthwhile upgrade in Denver. They reduce heat transfer significantly, which means cooler summers and warmer winters without the high energy costs. Look for low-emissivity (low-E) coatings and insulated frames.

9. The Ceiling Fan Dance

Setting ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise produces a cooling breeze that makes the room feel cooler, a simple trick that can improve comfort dramatically without touching the thermostat.

10. Natural Shade Solutions

Strategically planted trees not only enhance your property’s curb appeal but provide much-needed shade. Awnings or pergolas can also shield your home from the intense Denver sun, reducing the need for air conditioning and helping you enjoy your outdoor spaces even on the hottest days.

Incorporating these energy-efficient strategies into your Denver metro home can bring about a comfortable and sustainable summer. The beauty of living in this vibrant area is the community’s dedication to a lifestyle that honors our stunning natural surroundings, and by optimizing our homes for energy efficiency, we contribute to the well-being of our city and planet. Enjoy a cooler home this summer and take pride in knowing you’re doing your part for the environment and your wallet.

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